Pre-press and image-setting equipment.
Prepress equipment list (partial):

.  Ten Network Connected Mac Workstations
.  Five Network Connected PC Workstations

.  Scitex Smart 340 Scanner
.  Two Scitex Brisque Impose Rip
.  Artworks Nexus Impose Rip
.  Preps Imposition
.  Wam-Net File Transmission Service

Apple, Epson Stylus, HP and Ricoh Color & B/W digital laser output
SOFTWARE (Macintosh and PC)
.  We constantly update all software applications and licensing.
.  Screen PlateRite 8000II Direct to Plate with Auto Loader and Punch
.  Kodak Sword Excel NE34 Inline Plate Processor
.  Kodak Approval XP4 Digital Color Proofing System
.  Epson Stylus Pro 10600 - Dupont Chroma Pro Color Proofer
.  Spinjet 1000 Plus - Full Color Large Format Imposition Printer
.  60” Plate Frame
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